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Quality control

Production laboratory was established in July 1974 at the JSC “Lutsk Cardboard and Bituminous Combine” and started its work in conjunction with the launch of the company.

The main object of the laboratory is the permanent maintenance of reliability and accuracy of product testing by improving working methods, modernization of material and technical base, professional development of employees.

A laboratory has a full range of test and support equipment required to conduct quality control at all stages of its production according to the available technical documentation for production of fluting (ТУ. У 17.1-38272943-001:2017 ), cardboard for flat layers of corrugated board (ТУ. У 21.1-00292652-014:2010 ) , roofing cardboard (ДСТУ Б В.2.7-259:2011 ), boxboard (STAS 7933-89), binding cardboard (TU. U 21.1-00292652-012:2007).

To ensure the production of quality products that meet customer demands quality control at Lutsk Cardboard and Paper Mill is performed from the checkup of incoming raw materials and chemicals and then the entire production cycle.