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Sukhina Sergiy  - CEO. Born on November 15, 1976 in Rubizhne, Lugansk region, Ukraine. In 1999 graduated from the Donbas State Engineering Academy as Master of automated control of technological processes and production. In 2017 graduated from the East Ukrainian National University, Business Economics. More than 20 years worked in the pulp and paper industry and corrugated production from electrician to executive positions. Now CEO at Lutsk Cardboard and Paper Mill Ltd.

Ligotskiy Sergiy - Deputy General Director for production. Born 09.15.1974 in Lutsk city, Ukraine. Studied in Lutsk Industrial Institute at the Faculty of "Tools and systems
" qualification "Mechanical Engineer". Graduated in the year 1996 and started his career at JSC "Lutsk Cardboard and Ruberoid Plant". Currently working in the company as Deputy General Director for Production.

Mykhalchuk Nadiya - Chief Accountant. Born 01.10.1974 in the Torchyn city, Volyn region, Ukraine. In 2007 graduated from Volyn National University - Faculty of Mathematics .In 2012 she has got the second postgraduate education at Volyn Natioanal University. Faculty " Accounting & Audit". Since 2003 she has been working in the business occupying the post of chief accountant.