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Paper for corrugating (Fluting) is produced according to ТУ У 17.1-38272943-001:2017 of Ukraine, intended for flute corrugated cardboard. Paper is produced glued or non-glued in rolls. IndexesStandardП-0-100П-1-100П-0-112П-1-112П-2-112П-0-125П-1-125П-2-125П-0-140П-1-1401....

Fluting - quality corrugated
paper intended
for the manufacture
of corrugated layer...


Cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard (Testliner) manufactured according to ТУ У 21.1-00292652-014:2010 of Ukraine, intended for use as a flat layer in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard, stamps KТР, glued, with the weight of 1m² 125 - 175 (g). The raw materials used 100%...

With high
machine smoothness...

Roofing cardboard

Roofing cardboard is produced according to ДСТУ Б В.2.7-259:2011 of Ukraine, intended for use in the production of bitumen and bitumen-polymer roofing and waterproofing materials. A cardboard is producing by the following grades: A-350, A-300 (180-350 g/m2) IndexesStandardА-350 ...

dense roofing cardboard,
that meets all
technological standards...


Boxboard is produced according to ТУ У 17.1-38272943-002:2021 of Ukraine, appointed for the manufacturing of consumer packaging. Single layer cardboard is producing in rolls and sheets, thickness 0,4-0,7 (mm), weight as to the thickness of 1m2 is 230 - 370 (g). Indexes StandardGrammage,...

Quality boxing cardboard
with sufficient level of
stiffness for
consumer packaging...

Binding board

Binding (book) board is produced according to standard 21.1 - 00,292,652 - 012:2007, intended for the manufacture of bindings of books, school textbooks. Binding board made gluing several layers of cardboard used as a basis. Binding (book) board stuck together with liquid glass, according to STAS...

Dense cardboard with
a smooth, even surface,
which is used in
the printing sphere...



Boxes for
butter packaging...

List of products FSC ® (FSC-C136157)

img “Lutsk Cardboard and Paper Mill” Ltd. is a part of the group of companies "United Сardboard Сompany» is one of the leading producers of roofing cardboard, boxboard, binding cardboard. It produces the great volumes of paper for corrugating ( Fluting), cardboard for flat layers of the board ( Testliner).
The total area - 36 hectares, the production area - 28 000 square meters, number of employees - 480 people. The plant has a developed infrastructure of engineer services, reliable energy and water resources.
Consistent high quality and bound deliveries are the stable principles of our work.